Wage Claims

When it is about wage claims of employees, the lawyers of Kantoor Mr. van Zijl can support you, for instance, with: 
  • Defense against the wage claim of a (former) employee
NB: We can also help you with:
  • Recovering the wages of the employee from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the employer
  • Defense against seizure by a (former) employee under the employer or attachment under a third partyat the expense of the employer
NB: We can also help you with:
  • Defense against seizure in general
  • Providing guidance and advice in a dispute regarding wage garnishment under the employer at the expense of an employee
  • Defense against a claim of an employee for summary proceedings on work resumption, continued wage payment or other
NB: We can also help you with:
  • Lodging various other sorts of summary proceedings or conducting defense against them