Mediation is a form of conflict arbitration in which the mediator gets two or more persons, parties or groups who are in dispute with each other talking, and assists them in their negotiation process in order to come to a solution, taking into account the interests of the parties involved. Then the solution is documented in a settlement (agreement) to be signed by the parties. The fundamentals for mediation are voluntariness, confidentiality and equality. The mediator is independent and neutral and has no interest in the solution parties will find for their conflict. Mediation often leads to a short-term solution of the conflict and is relatively cheap. It is because the parties themselves resolve their dispute, the level of commitment to the solution is higher. A successful mediation has no winner and loser, but results in a win-win situation. And all of this quite often in a few weeks’ span.

Within Kantoor Mr.van Zijl it is Ms mr.C.J.M. (Connie) de Wit who is a trained mediator. She is available to act as a mediator for settlement of labour- and business disputes. Due to the required independence and neutrality, she cannot act as a mediator in disputes in which one of the parties is a client of our firm. Of course, she can be a mediator for relations of administration offices, tax-advising firms, auditing firms, etc that are our clients themselves.