Information about our way of working

We would like you to "do business” with Kantoor Mr.van Zijl in an enjoyable manner. From our point of view, this means:

"Say what you do and do what you say".

This sounds very simple in theory. Unfortunately, the practical application is not always simple.

Nevertheless We aim at informing you in advance, as much as possible, what we are planning to do on your behalf, for instance by first sending you draft letters for your approval (of course you will also be sent a copy afterwards). We also do our utmost to stick to our agreements and to honour commitments about the times when certain activities will be completed. However, even if there may be "foul-ups”, you can count on it that we let you know and that we will make a new agreement.

Our vision of doing business also applies to the cost of our services. We will always inform you in advance about our conditions and rates. In addition, we always specify the cost of our services, in detail, on our invoices.

The bottom line of all this is that you can expect us to do our job in a personal, practical and effective way. We do not like unnecessary frills and trimmings. Our watchwords at all time were, are, and will be:

"Do the normal things, but do them well."