Around the Workforce

Kantoor Mr.van Zijl specializes in the legal and fiscal aspects of personnel issues: employment law, employee insurances and payroll taxes. In these areas, we believe that we can help our clients quickly and in a professional way.

In our services to our clients, therefore, we care about the workforce. However, the services provided by our lawyers do not stop here. Dealing with issues in the fields of employment law, employee insurances or payroll tax also frequently requires knowledge and expertise in other jurisdictions. In addition, the knowledge and expertise that our lawyers need in order to serve their clients in our "core areas", enable them to assist their clients in other areas as well.

The work of our lawyers "around the workforce" can take many different shapes. Such activities may have to do with, for example:
  • (not) meeting various types of agreements
  • general terms and conditions
  • disputes with insurance companies
  • disputes around participation in pension schemes
  • liability
  • agency contracts, commission contracts  and other cooperation agreements
  • disputes between shareholders, managing directors, members and partners
  • user liability and subcontractors’liability
  • directors' liability
  • (imminent) bankruptcy
  • employment of foreign labourers
  • international aspects of wage tax and social security
  • rental of business premises