Van Zijl Casemanagement BV

Only a few problems cause an employer more worry, inconvenience and financial loss than an employee’s incapacity. Legislation in this area is particularly complex because the employment protection of workers, the levying of employee insurance contributions from the employer, and the employees’ pension rights sometimes affect each other in inunexpected ways. Meanwhile, the financial interests of both employers and employees are very high.

The lawyers of Kantoor Mr.van Zijl (Tilburg) are specialized in advising and guidance of employers not only in the field of employment law, but also in the field of employee insurances. This has made them, like no other, capable to advise employers at a very high level in cases where employee incapacity plays a role.

During these advising activities, Kantoor Mr. van Zijl’s lawyers experience repeatedly that the costs of incapacitated employees rise further than is necessary. During illness, more wage is paid than necessary. The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) imposes wage penalties. Benefits that could be deducted from the wages paid during the illness are not applied for. And Partial Work disability (WGA)-benefits are wrongly granted or continue too long.

Usually things can no longer be prevented afterwards.  When the lawyers of Kantoor Mr. van Zijl are involved, it is often too late. Prevention, however, is definitely possible. In the belief that things can and therefore should be better, Mr.J.P.M.(Joop) van Zijl why Van Zijl established  "Van Zijl Case Management BV”.

From 1 April 2013, employers can have themselves advised and guided by casemanagers of Van Zijl Case Management BV. From the first day of incapacity for work (and even before) these case managers monitor at all relevant moments if all necessary actions are taken needed to get maximum reduction of the costs of incapacitated employees. The case managers of Van Zijl Case Management thereby act independently of the company doctor or the Occupational Health and Safety Centre.

The case managers were specially trained for this purpose and work in close cooperation with the lawyers of Kantoor Mr.van Zijl. Thus, they have the specific expertise that even large employers often lack to have the interests of these employers optimally defended.

Thus, Van Zijl Case management offers an absolutely unique way of case management: professional and independent. With maximum focus on cost reduction for the employer, but with respect for the employee’s privacy. Occasionally or structurally deployable. Executing or just supportive. Supported by lawyers.

More information is available on the website of Van Zijl Case Management BV.