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The lawyers of Kantoor (Law Firm) Mr.van Zijl are specialized in providing consultancy and support to employers in the field of the legal and fiscal aspects of personnel matters: labour law, employee insurance and wage tax.

Through this site, you can find out (more) about our law firm, our lawyers and other members of the staff, the services we provide and our field of activity. In particular, however, our site contains information with respect to topics within our field of activity: labour law, employee insurance and wage tax

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  • Fixed-term Employment Contract Extended in the Absence of the Notification

    From the circumstances of the case the Sub-district Court infers that the fixed-term contract of a sick employee was ... lees verder.

  • Wrongly Imposed Wage Sanction UWV; no Need for Employer to Start Parallel Track

    The UWV had wrongly decided that, immediately after the first-year evaluation for the benefit of the incapacitated ... lees verder.

  • Employer is Covered by Another Pension Fund, but Does not Have to Pay Contribution Retroactively

    An employer was covered by the industry-wide pension fund and the funds for the Mechanical or Electric Contracting ... lees verder.

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